A security and crypto meetup in London

Tamuro is a security and crypto(graphy) meetup in London. We started mostly as a group of experts and consultants in security but we are now made up of people from all levels and expertize. We meet up every last Friday of the month in some random pub and we drink beers together.
If subjects like heartbleed, goto fail, meltdown and spectre and others sound like things you like, you're probably at the right place.

Any rules?

  • Don't be an asshole

    We meet up in a bar to drink beer. Nobody wants to have a bad time. Don't be that guy/gal. Be welcoming to new people and inclusive to everyone in the group.

  • Be into security

    You are not here to recruit people. If you come, you must have an interest for security and/or cryptography that goes further than just hiring an expert.

  • Be Lorem Ipsum

    Sed lorem amet ipsum dolor et amet nullam consequat a feugiat consequat tempus veroeros sed consequat.

Next meetup

We meetup every last Friday of the month (add to calendar).
The location is advertised on twitter prior to the event.
The next meetup is Friday .

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